Social Station w/ Sound Elevator & Doors In The Labyrinth

Social Station flyer
Flyer by Jess Świtalska

Night Sky Productions presents

Social Station (D.C. post-punk/darkwave) with
Sound Elevator (Pittsburgh shoegaze/post-punk) and
Doors In The Labyrinth (Pittsburgh ambient/darkwave)

Sat. April 20, 2019
The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls
400 Lincoln Ave., 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15209

9 p.m. – midnight
$8, 21+

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Social Station Social Station (D.C. post-punk/dark wave) originally started as a solo project in 2013 by singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Paul Todd. The extensive use of midi sequencing and the addition of classical musician Jacob Sebastian on bass has opened a whole new world of possibilities for the project. Noise Journal writes, “This is post-punk mounted on the wings of darkwave, carefully sired new wave romanticism with an almost erotic weave by modern electronics.”
Approximate set time: 11 p.m.
Sound Elevator crop Sound Elevator (Pittsburgh shoegaze/post-punk) was founded by D.R. Kirkman in 2012 as a color/frequency experimental rock project, and has evolved over the course of two LPs and five EPs. Currently a trio, the band consists of D.R. Kirkman (programming, guitar, and vocals), Lindsay Huffman (guitar and vocals), and recently added member Scott Adams (bass guitar). Influenced by rock and pop acts from all decades, Sound Elevator base their songs on emotional themes of life, love, death, excess, and confusion.
Approximate set time: 10:15 p.m.
 Doors In The Labyrinth Doors In The Labyrinth (ambient/darkwave) is the solo project of Josh Loughrey, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist. He has been performing since 2000 with many different projects, spanning  noise, ambient, techno, rock, traditional folk, orchestral music and more. He has performed as a street musician and in a wide variety of venues. Doors In The Labyrinth began in 2014 as a way to combine all of his diverse styles and tastes into a single project. 
Approximate set time: 9:30 p.m.